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Meet your pedorthist

If you enjoy hiking, climbing, and skiing near Calgary, custom orthotics from Remedy can help you get pain-free!

Cameron New, BEng, C. Ped (C)

Canadian Certified Pedorthist

With a background in Civil Engineering and a love for both shoes and moving around in them, it is not surprising that Cam eventually found the world of Pedorthics. Solving complex biomechanical issues while seeing the impact it can have on patients is extremely rewarding.

An Alberta native, Cam has lived and recreated in every major town in the province. With free time usually dedicated to driving West and exploring the mountains, he is in tune with the demands of the sports that Calgarians love: hiking, skiing, snowboarding, touring, climbing and cycling.

Remedy orthotics Calgary can help with foot pain, and let you hike and live pain-free!

Foot Comfort Starts Here

Your Northwest Calgary custom orthotic specialist

Meet Cam
About Us

About us

Remedy Orthotics is a Northwest Calgary clinic that specializes in custom foot orthotics. We cater to people of all backgrounds, each with their own unique foot and lower limb ailments, athletic pursuits, and comfort needs.

Comfort and shoe fit is paramount, so we strive for harmony between the orthotic and your footwear of choice.

Our orthotics are made right here in Calgary with premium materials and a cutting-edge manufacturing and design process. Start your fight against foot pain today!

Skiing and ski touring near Calgary is more enjoyable with custom orthotics from Remedy!


Remedy Orthotics offers a number of services and products to aid in your recovery and comfort. We operate by appointment only, click the button below to book your visit!

A custom orthotic from Remedy Orthotics can help with foot pain.

Our specialty. Custom-contoured support and the ability to alter forces and relieve painful tissues.

Made to fit your unique lifestyle, footwear, and recovery needs. A prescription from your physician is required.

Custom Orthotics

Part of a custom orthotic assessment. Includes postural and gait components, as well as symptom-specific and functional testing. Can be performed separately.

Come to Remedy Orthotics Calgary for a comprehensive biomechanical and gait assessment for custom foot orthotics.

Biomechanical Assessment

At Remedy Orthotics, we have toe spacers, Correct Toes, met pads and other accessories

Foot Comfort Accessories

Off-the-shelf treatment aides such as: toe spacers, ankle sleeves, corn pads, metatarsal pads, and removable lifts.

Custom Arch Support

Custom-contoured arch support, but without corrective functionality. Does not require a biomechanical assessment or prescription.

At Remedy Orthotics Calgary, we can also provide custom arch supports for your feet.
Shoemaker, a custom footwear craftsman

Custom Footwear

For those with advanced need, unable to fit into ordinary off-the-shelf footwear due to deformity or medical condition.

Contact us to find out how to get funding for custom footwear.

What are Orthotics?

What are orthotics?

Medical devices meant to be worn in the shoe, made from 3D casts of the patient’s feet. They not only comfortably support the bone structure of the feet, but can alter the forces acting on the foot, ankle, and knee — aimed at reducing pain and promoting healing of injured tissues.

Do you have heel pain, plantar fasciitis or tendonitis? Custom Orthotics from Remedy can help.

they treat

plantar fasciitis  |  achilles tendonitis  |  ankle sprains    bunions  |  overpronation​  |  knee pain  |  arthritis  |  many others

Activities they suit

everyday activity  |  running  |  hiking  skiing & snowboarding  |  cycling

racquet sports  |  golf  |  soccer  hockey  |  most other sports

Custom orthotics from Remedy can be used for hiking, skiing, running, golf and much more!
ski, skiing, ski boot, bootfitting, footbed, insole
dress shoe, boot, leather shoe, oxford, brogue
hoka, runner, running shoe, trainer, jogging

they fit

runners  |  casuals  |  dress 

ski & snowboard boots

hiking & mountaineering boots 

cycling shoes  |  most other shoes

Find your footing.


21 Crowfoot Rise NW

Calgary, AB T3G 4P5


Phone   587 - 374 - 0598

Fax         587-333-9042


Mon - Tue   10-5

Wed - Fri       9-5

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